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Shape Your Ultimate Life!

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  • RESET the New Year and Design Your Best Life!


    Seminar dates & times:
    Friday, 1/22 (6:30 PM - 11:00 PM)
    Saturday, 1/23 (9:30 AM - 11:00 PM)
    Sunday, 1/24 (9:30 AM - 6:30 PM)


    Forget about New Year Resolutions or a "New Year, New You", and get ready to live the life you truly desire!

    What if you could spend a weekend actually designing 2020 to be your best year yet? YOU CAN!!!!

    Would you like to achieve...
    Abundant Energy,
    More Money,
    Better Health,
    Passionate Relationships,
    and a Deeper Sense of Purpose?


    Ignite Your Light Coaching presents…Shape Your Ultimate Life!


    At Shape Your Ultimate Life!, we start by creating the ultimate vision of your entire life: career, finances, health, spirituality and relationships. By gaining clarity on how you desire to live your life, you will now be able to design the life of your dreams and leave with a blueprint to achieve it! In addition, you will leave this weekend seminar with a deeper understanding of what motivates you to be able to continue to live aligned with your purpose and passion.


    Are you looking for more energy, passion and fulfillment? Shape Your Ultimate Life! will give you that and so much more!


Spark Your Growth Coaching Package

Offer expires at midnight January 15th! Just $1,699 (16% off!)

  • Our coaches create a path of self-discovery and awareness by guiding you through the coaching process to explore your inner world. By discovering your inner world, we can align that with your outer world in order to achieve true fulfillment. We do this through our 4 Step Coaching Process and the proven techniques of Mindset and Mechanics.

  • Step 1 (Session 1 & 2) – Authentic Self

    Everything starts with you; the authentic, true you. We spend the first two session diving deep into who you are, what has shaped your beliefs and how you see yourself in the world. This is the foundation that we build on for the remainder of the sessions.

  • Step 2 (Session 3 & 4) – Passionate Purpose

    Once you have discovered who you truly are it is much easier to align with your purpose. This is the purpose that drives you, passionately, towards the life that you are committed to achieve. We break down the barriers and liming beliefs that have held you back and rebuild on a new foundation.

  • Step 3 (Session 5 & 6) – Vision Crafting

    These next two sessions are dedicated to becoming crystal clear on how you want to life your best life. We craft your vision of who you are, how you feel and what you want to achieve. This powerful step is what will pull you forward as you make sustainable changes in life.

  • Step 4 (Session 7 & 8) - Inspired Action

    Now that we have completed the previous steps, it is time to focus on action! This part is about identifying specifically what it is you will do to remain consistent with your authentic self. We create a plan together for you to continue your personal growth. In addition, we strengthen the tools that you have learned and will continue to use once you have completed your sessions.

  • Total Value: $1,999...Yours for a single payment of only $1,699

2021: Ignite Your Year, Elevate Your Life!

Offer expires at midnight January 15th! Just $1,080 (81% off!)

  • This ALL-IN Includes…

  • Ignition the Firewalk (2 Passes)

  • Mindset, Meditation & Manifestation 21 Day Challenge (1 Pass)

  • Shape Your Ultimate Life (2 Passes, Virtual or In-Person)

  • Ignition: The Firewalk Experience (4 times, 2 passes for each)

  • Ignite Your Inner Leader Seminar (Virtual or In-Person)

  • Coaching: Bi-Weekly One on One 30 Minute Individual Coaching Sessions (Virtual or In-Person)

  • Monthly 90 Minute Group Coaching Zoom Call

  • Total Value: $5,842...Yours for a single payment of only $1,080 or 12 Payments of $108 month

12 months Coaching Certification + 2021: Ignite Your Year, Elevate Your Life! ALL-IN

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  • Sign Up for the Ignite Leadership360 Coaching 12 months Immersion Certification aaannnnddd get 2021: Ignite Your Year, Elevate Your Life! ALL-IN Program for FREE! Schedule a complimentary session for investment discussion

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  • Want to be a Firewalk Instructor? There's has never been a better time to join Ignite Firewalk Empowerment. Contact us for our 3 month immersion special for just $499 (A $1,500 value)

Everyday Deals!

Offer expires at midnight January 15th!

  • The Titanium Partnership Plan (12 Month Program)

  • 2 New Logos - Creation & Animation

  • Unlimited Graphic Design Requests Per Month*

  • Unlimited Social Media Videos Per Month*

  • 3 Social Media Account Management (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn)

  • New Website & 4 Active Lead Web Pages

  • eMail Marketing

  • Monthly Brand360 Consulting Analysis

  • Monthly 60 Minute Business Coaching Session

  • Monthly 60 Minute Mindset Coaching Session

  • * Only 2 active content requests at one time

  • Total Value: $11,988…Yours for only a single payment of $6,000 or 12 Payments of $599 month

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