You don’t need a Coach. But, you might want a Coach to help you push through the biggest challenges in your life, become the person you are meant to be and live the life of your dreams. 

Scheduling a complimentary coaching session is one of the most powerful ways to get really clear about what you want and the path to get you there. Your session consists of a solid 60 minutes of coaching which will provide you with insight, value and empowerment.​

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Kiera Smale


60 Min Coaching Session


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Ignite Leadership360 is a top coaching and leadership company across Delaware, the Mid-Atlantic and quickly growing virtually across the United States in California, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Maryland. Not only do we offer countless traditional coaching strategies, we even offer incredible breakthrough experiences like Glasswalking and hot coal Firewalking as a goal setting experiential. Our key focus is coaching certification for life coaches. Ignite Leadership360 was founded by Master Life & Leadership Coach Kiera Smale, an entrepreneur, and a mom of five, who is also a Certified Life and Leadership Coach, DiSC Behavioral Assessment Practitioner, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Certified Reiki Practitioner, and Firewalking Empowerment Instructor. 

Complimentary Coaching Session!

Kiera Smale’s story is one of turning trauma and domestic violence survival into empowerment and inspiration. This inspiration focuses on a desire to help others discover the tools to Ignite a passion already inside of them. From this, Ignite Leadership360 was born. With a foundation of over 30,000 hours of immersion in personal development training, Ignite is based in the philosophy that we all share a common bond: the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment. Although we all envision success differently, there are universal laws of achievement. From Mindset to Mechanics, together we identify what your “ideal life” looks like, what you truly desire, and then create a plan to get from here to there.

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Coaching & Coaching Certification

There is a reason why Attorneys, Yoga Instructors, Doctors, Healers and Licensed Therapists come to us for coaching certification to incorporate coaching into their current practices. Based on our coaches 30+ years of combined coaching and executive leadership experience, our coaching certification begins with Ignite Your Inner Leader weekend delivering a 2 1/2-day immersion workshop that shines a light on your own self-awareness and how that relates to your daily relationships. We dig into your WHY. We find your limiting beliefs. We address your fears and insecurities. Then we transition to a 6, 12 & 18 month Coaching Certification. 

Inner Leader Academy: What's included in the 12 month immersion?

Inner Leader Academy: What is my total investment? 

Inner Leader Academy: What happens after my 12 month experience (Coaching Certification)?

So what's after the 12 month Inner Leader Academy? Simple. Immersion. Immersion. Immersion. There is easy path. It takes work. Your next step is to continue your 6 - 24 month coaching certification journey, guided personally by Master Life and Leadership coach Kiera Smale and a team of quality coaches.


There’s a reason why Attorney's, Yoga Instructors, Doctors, Healers and Licensed Therapists come to us for certification to incorporate coaching into their current practices. Simply said we are not a single proprietor weekend seminar company or a quick fix internet program that “certifies” you in 20 hours. We are a comprehensive team that delivers certification with hundreds of hours of quality immersion with layered learning and practical application over 6 - 18 months. More importantly you are guided and coached by Master coaches directly in 1-on-1 and in group settings. As a bonus, our group of experts help you launch or enhance your business with 6 months of marketing and sales support.


Ready to sign up? In the beginning you are assigned an Ignite360 Virtual Assistant that will be with you from the beginning and throughout your journey to mentor you on what to expect and how to maximize your certification experience.


It all begins with a 60 minute complimentary coaching session. Are you ready?

  • 6 Month Level 1 Coaching Certification Immersion (Call for Investment)
  • 12 Month Level 2 Coaching Certification Immersion (Call for Investment)
  • 24 Month Master Coaching Certification Immersion (Call for Investment)

*Virtual and In Person options available.


Ignite Leadership360

For Your Life, Leadership, Health and Business


Special Note: Master Coaching Certification: This 12 month Master Coaching program* is designed for level 1 Coaching Certification Program students that want to go to the next level. The program allows participants to choose an immersion focus for the 12 month program: Leadership, Health or Business Sales & Marketing. As Delaware's only Master Coaching Certification Program, this certification is live in Delaware and virtual in all 50 states, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, and Spain only at this time. *Prerequisite: 12 month Ignite Coaching Certification Program

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What does the Ignite Your Light Coaching process look like?

You don’t need a Coach. But, you might want a Coach to help you push through the biggest challenges in your life, become the person you are meant to be and live the life of your dreams. Our coaches create a path of self-discovery and awareness by guiding you through the coaching process to explore your inner world. By discovering your inner world, we can align that with your outer world in order to achieve true fulfillment. We do this through our 4 Step Coaching Process and the proven techniques of Mindset and Mechanics and our 6 & 12 month coaching certification programs.

  • ​Step One

    Authentic Self

    (Session 1 & 2)

    Everything starts with you; the authentic, true you. We spend the first two session diving deep into who you are, what has shaped your beliefs and how you see yourself in the world. This is the foundation that we build on for the remainder of the sessions.

  • Step Two

    Passionate Purpose

    (Session 3 & 4)


    Once you have discovered who you truly are it is much easier to align with your purpose. This is the purpose that drives you, passionately, towards the life that you are committed to achieve. We break down the barriers and liming beliefs that have held you back and rebuild on a new foundation.

  • Step Three

    Vision Crafting

    (Session 5 & 6)


    These next two sessions are dedicated to becoming crystal clear on how you want to life your best life. We craft your vision of who you are, how you feel and what you want to achieve. This powerful step is what will pull you forward as you make sustainable changes in life.

  • Step Four

    Inspired Action

    Session 7 & 8)


    Now that we have completed the previous steps, it is time to focus on action! This part is about identifying specifically what it is you will do to remain consistent with your authentic self. We create a plan together for you to continue your personal growth. In addition, we strengthen the tools that you have learned and will continue to use once you have completed your sessions.

What Do Our Clients Say?

Ignite Your Inner Leader was a life changing experience. The coaches were all knowledgeable and genuinely cared about the process. The material was presented in such a way that it was relatable yet fun. The activities brought me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to see I do have the necessary skills to be a leader! I cannot wait to continue the certification process and learn more from this incredible group of coaches. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!

Jen Steele

Kiera has helped me go from feeling stuck and defeated with no way out to gaining a sense of clarity and freedom. Through her guidance, insight, and coaching, she helped me get to the source of my negative feelings and gave me tools, strategies, and action steps to make a positive shift in my life. I am now more aligned with my professional purpose, am more confident, and a more available, loving mother and wife. I am so grateful for Kiera and would highly recommend her coaching services to anyone that wants to take their life to the next level.

 Kimberly Keane

This weekend at (Design Your Best Life) was the absolutely perfect way to start and plan for 2018 to be the best year yet. I followed a specific method to create my personal and relationship code of conduct, goals, values, vision, and an exact blueprint to attain exactly what is desired. I came home with a new excitement for life. I am fulfilling my purpose. I’m so grateful for the time spent with my tribe and their love and support this weekend.

Heather Cruz

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